• Non-surgical hair replacement procedure with no scars,no pain or side effects
  • 100% natural results
  • Get any desired look in 2 hours
  • Custom-made fine membrane made in Europe
  • Made of 100% virgin, unprocessed human hair
  • Looks and feels absolutely natural
  • Customized skin for every individual depending upon their requirements and matching color, texture and density of the existing hair
  • Easily maintainable and washable. Swim, comb, style, shampoo just like natural hair
  • Fits perfectly, ensuring an absolute stability under any circumstances
  • Perfect for men or women of any age suffering from hair loss
  • Fixed by highly-trained professional and qualified team of hair expert 

What Is Monofilament?

Monofilament Base

It’s a Human  material that has got a texture similar to that of a lace. This too has miniscule cells where the hair is tied or knotted. Unlike lace or skin, monofilament is strong enough to withstand stretch and tension. It does not get torn easily and when combined with a Polyurethane border it has got the best durability. 

Mono-filament wigs are considered to be a high quality wig product and are more expensive than a standard wefted cap but the benefit of wearing a wig that few will note as a wig is well worth it!

Monofilament refers to the wig cap and how it is made.  It offers the most realistic appearance of scalp and hair movement possible.  Because of the versatility of styling, you have freedom to part your hair or style it in almost any way! Monofilament wigs are made by tying or sewing hair in sections into the top portion of the cap which is made from a very fine, sheer material known as a monofilament


There are different base materials of hair topper such as lace, skin, monofilament base and poly thin skin (PU). Because monofilament base is one of the most favorite base materials of the wig, we completely recommend you using it.

You can feel pleased with monofilament toppers human hair because its durability doesn’t let you down. Compare to the lace base, the mono one is firmer and more durable.

A monofilament topper is completely undetectable, has 100% natural human hair, and brings realistic ,Hence, it is hard to realize that whether you wearing the extension or not. 

It  always makes efforts to create a natural hairline of our hair toppers with clips. We can customize the toppers to any base size, hair color, density, and length. 



Hand Tied Monofilament Wig


  • Another benefit of a mono-filament wig is that the hand-knotting makes the wig more durable and less likely to break off or slide out from the wig… that is if you treat it right! Keep in mind, the sheer material is designed to be fine and give a natural appearance but is not as sturdy as the rest of the wig so treat it gently.
  • Monofilament is a great advantage for a more natural part, and for allowing you the versatility to change your part and style around at will. But as you now know... the process of making a monofilament wig does increase the price.


Why You Should Choose A Monofilament Base Hair Topper?

Some wig and hair topper wearers want durability more than undetectable look. For such customers, the monofilament base is the perfect option. It is a good base choice for a higher-density system. 


This mono hair topper is stiffer, much tighter than the lace base and holds its shape very well. The strength of this wig means it can have a heavy density, ranging from 100% to 180%. If you like full and thick hair, let choose it. 


The hair topper monofilament top is soft and very comfortable to wear, hence,  it will not irritate your head. It can be the best choice for girls with a sensitive scalp.

Free To Use

This mono is one of the most common clips on hair toppers in Lewigs Company. All clips can place in a rational way around your head helping flat your hair toppers securely. Therefore, you can feel comfortable to sleep, shower, even swim with the hairpiece.


Cleaning Tips


The maintenance process is cleaning your scalp and hair system base after removal.




Follow these instructions to effectively remove adhesive residue from your scalp.


  1. Spray citrus oil adhesive remover onto your scalp and allow to penetrate the residue for minutes


  1. Firmly wipe off the adhesive residue with kitchen roll (useful because of its abrasive surface) until any trace of adhesive has been completely removed.
  2. If there is a lot of residue on the scalp and in your hair, use a fine tooth nit comb.  This is a fantastic tool for removing residue from the scalp and hair.  Gently comb it over the scalp and hair and it will collect the residue on the comb.


  1. Shampoo your scalp and hair to remove any trace of adhesive remover, then rinse thoroughly. It may be necessary to repeat this step a few times because any trace of adhesive or the remover will weaken the strength of subsequent bonding.





It is also essential to completely remove any adhesive residue from your system to guarantee the efficacy of your bonding.


  1. Spray citrus oil adhesive remover onto the skin base and allow to penetrate for 1-5 minutes.

  2. Firmly wipe off adhesive residue with kitchen roll until all traces of adhesive have been completely removed.

  3. Shampoo the underside of your system to remove any trace of adhesive remover, then rinse thoroughly. It may be necessary to repeat this step a few times because any trace of adhesive or the remover will weaken the strength of subsequent bonding 


Why it is effective?

In today’s world, where all of us are facing so many problems physically, mentally, emotionally. because of pollution, bad eating habits, heredity. Baldness is the most common problem faced both by men and women.  Reason could be any including cancer patients who are going chemotherapy sessions. They too have to face temporary baldness.You can cover your baldness through two ways.  One is surgical weaving and another is non-surgical hair weaving.  Surgical weaving is a very painful process and also very expensive.  Everyone can’t afford it. Non surgical process is cheaper and not at all painful. In this type of hair weaving, a hair patch is fixed on the bald area of the head via clips,tapes and glue.  You can remove the hair patch as per your convenience. You can wash it with any good shampoo and can apply conditioner or serum on it. Hair patch comes in different sizes depending upon the size of bald area. It comes in various qualities from normal monofilament patch to paper silk base.

The life of a normal mono filament hair patch is from 1.5 years to 2 years.It actually depends on how one takes care of it.  You just have to go to nearby salon and get it cut in a style that suits you.  You can have more than1 hair patch and get it cut in different hair styles.



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